Features of the Self-written Will Custody System

2023.05.06  [Sat]

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In accordance with the revision of the Civil Code (Inheritance Law) in July 2018, the "Will Custody System" has started on July 10, 2020, whereby self-deeds will be kept at the Legal Affairs Bureau.
The Will Custody System is a "safe," "easy and inexpensive," and "kind" system that eliminates problems such as loss, alteration, and the possibility of heirs not finding the will, which until now have often been kept at home.
In this article, we will introduce the will custody system based on the three points.

1. Security

-The Legal Affairs Bureau's Will Custody Center properly stores the original will and its image data for a long period of time, preventing the will from being altered or lost.

-The staff of the Legal Affairs Bureau will perform an external confirmation of the form of the will (full text, date and name in the original, whether or not the seal is affixed, etc.). This prevents the will from being invalidated due to lack of formality. 2.

2. Easy and Inexpensive

-The probate of a will that is stored at the Legal Affairs Bureau (will storage facility) does not require probate by the family court.

-The application fee for the storage of a will is 3,900 yen, and the fee for requesting a certificate of information on a will is 1,400 yen, making it inexpensive.

3. Kindness

The existence of a will is notified to heirs, etc. by means of a notice. There are two types of notification.

- Notification to the person designated by the testator (designated person notification)

Upon prior request from the testator, when the testator's death is confirmed at the testamentary archive, the testator will notify the person designated by the testator that the testamentary documents are in custody.

- Notification of custody of related wills

If, after the testator's death, any one of the heirs, etc., inspects the will or receives a certificate of information on the will at the testamentary archive, all other heirs, etc., will be notified that the will is in custody.

The heirs, etc. can request a Will Information Certificate certifying the contents of the will or inspect the will, thus ensuring that the heirs, etc. are informed of the contents of the will.


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